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Shirland School is a special place filled with well mannered students eager to learn, and highly qualified, skilled educators passionate about teaching.  Shirland students are supported at home by parents who care about their children’s education and about their school.  Because of its small size, Shirland School is really the heart of our little community.

Students who attend Shirland School are blessed with excellent student teacher ratios, teachers who care, a challenging curriculum, access to state of art technology, and a positive, disciplined school climate.  Shirland is a welcoming place, where everyone knows every student’s name.  Students here feel supportive, and a sense of  belonging.  Because we are a K-8 building, our students grow up here.  Brothers and sisters watch each other grow and nurture each other.  Our Middle School students assume a maturity and responsibility beyond their years supporting the development of their elementary peers.

Shirland offers many unique opportunities for students.  Shirland is 1:1 with Kindergarten thru 8th grade all having their own chromebooks at school.  Our 8th grade students culminate their Shirland experience with a two night field trip to Springfield, our state’s capitol and visit the historic President Lincoln sites. Extra-curricular opportunities include Band, Choir, Volleyball, Basketball, Student Council, Cheerleading, Pep Club, Quiz Bowl, Robotics, and a Kindness Club.  For the 20-21 school year, because of the ongoing pandemic, fall sports have been cancelled as well as large public events of 50 or more.  

Shirland is a jewel waiting to be discovered by you.